# Welcome to ISGAP

**If you are involved with community archaeology then this suite of resources has been developed for you.**

This information provides best practice for your community group’s involvement with archaeology. The resources we have developed will support you in delivering a broader public benefit to your voluntary archaeological work. By using good practice you can really make a difference. You can help to protect our archaeological resource and maximise the lasting value of the results of your archaeological work.

Through ISGAP we highlight the standard procedures you will need to apply when carrying out your archaeological research and investigation. Whilst we do not provide a step-by-step ‘how to’ instruction for specific methods, we do tell you about the best practice approach. We have also included essential details about your legal obligations and a helpful guide to sources of further advice or information.

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Quick links

1. [Introduction](/docs/1)
2. [Stewardship](/docs/2)
3. [Deposition & Archiving
(including data standards advice)](/docs/3)
4. [Desk-based Assessment](/docs/4)
5. [Site evaluation](/docs/5)
6. [Excavation](/docs/6)
7. [Watching Briefs](/docs/7)
8. [Building recording](/docs/8)
9. [Finds](/finds)
10. [Nautical recording & reconstruction](/docs/10)
11. [Geophysical Survey](/docs/11)
12. [Publication & Dissemination](/docs/12)
13. [National Occupational Standards](/nos)
14. [Essential contacts & help](/docs/14)
15. [Key advice & resources for
working with young people](/docs/15)
16. Additional Resources
* [Guidelines for archaeological excavation and recording techniques](/docs/16c)
* [Institute for Archaeologists Code of Conduct](/docs/16a)
17. Glossary
* [Archaeology & Heritage Organisations](/docs/17a)
* [Archaeological Resources & Projects](/docs/17b)
* [Definitions in Stewardship of the Historic Environment](/docs/16b)
* [Gem Towns](/gem-towns)
* [Technical Archaeological Terms](/docs/17c)
18. [Project Design & Project
Report Checklists and definitions](/docs/18)