13. National Occupational Standards in Archaeology

National Occupational Standards Archaeology
##What are Occupational Standards?##

The National Occupational Standards (NOS) describe the skills, knowledge and understanding required to undertake a particular task or job to a nationally recognised level of competence. In 2002-03 the [IfA](http://www.archaeologists.net/) worked with the then Cultural Heritage National Training Organisation (CHNTO) on behalf of the [Archaeology Training Forum](http://www.archaeologyuk.org/training/atf.html), to [map a career structure for archaeology](http://www.archaeologists.net/development/nos). This project involved the establishment of National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Archaeological Practice and marked a change of attitude towards education and vocational training in archaeology.

##How they are used?##

NOS are agreed statements of competence which describe the work outcomes required for an individual to achieve the standard expected of them in work. They are the building blocks of S/NVQs but can be used in a number of other ways. They describe good practice in particular areas of work, provide managers with a tool for workforce management and quality control and can be used to write job descriptions or to identify skills gaps and plan training. For more information about NOS and S/NVQs see the [National Occupational Standards website](http://nos.ukces.org.uk/about-nos/Pages/About-NOS.aspx).

##National Occupational Standards for Archaeology 2012##

PDF icon CCSAPAA4 - Establish plans and monitor policy implementation123.61 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAA5 - Provide guidance on and process applications for resource support119.06 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAB1 - Propose and plan a research project122.5 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAB2 - Develop and agree objectives for archaeological projects117.14 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAB3 - Propose and agree archaeological project methods122.98 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAB4 - Agree a brief for an archaeological project123.65 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAB5 - Estimate resources and develop programmes for archaeological practice126.9 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAB6 - Co-ordinate the procurement process121 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAB7 - Prepare and agree the contract137.95 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAC1 - Research and analyse information to achieve objectives111.53 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAC2 - Conduct non intrusive archaeological investigations final116.16 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAC3 - Contribute to non intrusive archaeological investigations final106.78 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAC4 - Conduct intrusive archaeological investigations final194.75 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAC6 - Store archaeological items186.69 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAC7 - Transfer archaeological items196.21 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAC8 - Undertake analysis and interpretation of archaeological material and data192.16 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAD1 - Characterise the archaeological resource and provide management advice final111.34 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAD2 - Assess options for conserving the archaeological resource in situ248.24 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAD3 - Identify and describe archaeological items206.33 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAD4 - Develop conservation plans for archaeological items201.58 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAD5 - Develop and implement preventive conservation procedures for archaeological items203.09 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAD6 - Apply preventive care procedures to archaelogical items200.12 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAD7 - Develop and implement remedial conservation procedures for archaeological items209 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAD8 - Implement routine interventive conservation procedures203.96 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAE1 - Develop information systems to meet the needs of users240.63 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAE2 - Develop procedures for the use of information systems206.32 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAE3 - Classify, compile and maintain data on the heritage of past communities201.75 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAE4 - Provide information on the heritage of past communities to others207.09 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAE5 - Disseminate, deposit and archive data on the heritage of past communities243.13 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAF1 - Develop strategies for the maintenance and use of an archaeological collection final206.37 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAF2 - Prepare the accommodation of archaeological items127.07 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAF3 - Acquire and dispose of archaeological items and collections132.32 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAF4 - Lend and borrow archaeological items131.35 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAG1 - Develop the organisation's archaeological education and learning strategy128.66 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAG2 - Commission work on interpretative and educational media for archaeology128.67 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAG3 - Identify and evaluate the requirements of users of exhibitions or interpretative activities163.1 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAG4 - Plan and deliver archaeological interpretative activities130.12 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAG5 - Plan marketing activities for archaeological practice163.3 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAG6 - Support community engagement with the historic environment162.29 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAH1 - Develop a strategy for the development of a cultural heritage organisation124.98 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAH2 - Represent the interests of a cultural heritage organisation125.55 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAH3 - Develop public relations strategies and monitoring arrangements131.22 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAH4 - Agree professional services167.21 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAH5 - Select personnel for activities128.65 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAH6 - Develop teams and individuals123.6 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAH7 - Oversee project costs, quality and progress for archaeological practice135.01 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAH8 - Prepare for potential disasters final124.76 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAH9 - Reduce risks to health and safety in the workplace129.83 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAH10 - Contribute to health and safety in the workplace127.56 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAH11 - Manage the performance of teams and individuals142.23 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAH12 - Deal with poor performance in your team131.6 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAH13 - Devise and implement methods to resource a cultural heritage organisation130.89 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAH14 - Manage finance in the business unit130.76 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAH15 - Evaluate archaeological project achievements and secure improvements131.11 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAJ1 - Maintain compliance with archaeological requirements116.11 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAJ2 - Contribute to advances in the body of knowledge and archaeological practice128.85 KB
PDF icon CCSAPAJ3 - Develop your own resources and protect the interests of others132.88 KB